Not today 

Hey guys. Just been chiling today. Good food and just relaxing at my girlfriend’s sisters house. Tomorrow I will go to the local Put&Take to fish for some rainbow trout. Hoping for som nice fish. Going to bed early today. And as always  I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


Hey guys So today was a slow day. Had some father daughter time with my daughter today so didn’t go fishing. I did have some good fishsoup tho! 😉 Went and bought some new stuff to try on sunday when I go rainbow fishing. The storeowner adviced me not to go for jigs when fishing… Read More Fishsoup

Slow days

Hey guys So, very slow days at the moment. Lots of stuff that needs taking care of at home etc. Fishing is also kinda slow, today I was out for an hour by myself but bad wind, hot water & bad currents made me give up after an hour. Just as the rain came.  Sunday… Read More Slow days


Hey guys forgot to update yesterday. Was out in the evening with my brother and a friend. It was a beautiful evening but no fish. We did see 3 trouts swim by close to shore but they didn’t bite. One of then came looking at my Snurrebassen but didn’t want to take it. Not sure… Read More Ops


Hey guys. Bad fishing this evening.. Went out with a friend a little to late. Windy, hot, some rain, bad currents. Lost my spinner I took the seatrout on last time. Rip. My swivel broke, first time that happens. Anyways bad evening/night going to fish some rainbow trout this week tho, looking forward to that..… Read More Nothing

No fishing today

Hey guys, forgot to update! Today was one of the hotter days in a while plus had some stuff to do so no fishing today. Went to the beach with my family tho. Hopefully I will go fishing some time tomorrow and I’ll see you guys then!


Hey guys late update again. Went out nightfishing with my brother and cousin tonight. Bought a new fishingpole today and was eager to try it out. I got a ‘secret’ tip from my favourit fishingshop MĂ„rtens Fiske. MĂ„rten told me to try a spinner. I did and on the first cast I got a seatrout! … Read More Seatrout