Seatrout & Garfish

Good evening 🙂

Today I went coastfishing with my brother at a place called Ålabodarna.

I was eager to test my new bait, a Snurrebassen no. 7 Rød Røv. 26 grams.

Snurrebassen didn’t disapoint.

Got 2 garfishes of the first hour. Catch n release on both.


Soo I know, it’s not that big.. It’s barely legal in length and normaly I would had released this fish. But when I tried to unhook it I noticed the hook had ripped trough the gill and the flourcarbon line had ripped part of the jaw of. The fish was bleeding alot so I kept it.

After that I went to a nationalpark with my family and later this evening I went fishing again on the same spot with a friend, no luck tho.

Some pictures from today;

Hope you enjoyed and I see you guys tomorrow.

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