To hot, to tired.

Hey guys! 

Puh! Very hot weather today in Sweden. Didn’t even have the energy to go fish this morning and besides that I had to get my car fixed.

So instead I will show you this:

This was my very first seatrout! It was cought at around 9pm in my homewaters of Landskrona.

It was one of the best feelings ever. It was here I fell in love with fishing.

Me and my cousin went out for a cold evening fishing, the wind was strong and the waves were a little big. My cousin hooked a seatrout on one of his first trows. I would have to wait until the sun was almost down.

I was just about to go up and drive home but said to myself: One last trow.

My bait hit hard right into a wave and the seatrout took it instantly.

It jumped alot, what a rush, I reeled it in, took the picture then released it.

It was awesome.

This is the bait I used

Gladsax wobbler classic 20g green/silver

And this was the hook

Owner s-61 3/0 
I hope you enjoyed this little story and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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