Update from yesterday.

Hey guys..

So yesterday was a bad day.

As I said yesterday I was going nightfishing by myself. I drove from home at around half past eight. When I got there I had to rig my stuff. When I was done I began the climb. (The place I was going to has a long armway of rock you have to jump from rock to rock 500-600 meters).

When I was finally there on the first cast my rod broke.

I had to jump my way back, rig my backup rod and jump back out again. 

By the time I was done and back it was allready dark.

I was fishing for maybe 3 Hours before I gave up and drove home.

Not a single bite/nibble either, nothing.

All in all it was a very bad night.

I orderd a new rod today tho so no worrys. 

Now, I hope you didn’t enjoy that 😉 but I’ll still see you guys tomorrow.

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