Sad sad sad..

Hey guys.. So this was a nice but sad evening..

After we had come home from dinner with some good friends, I went out fishing in Ålabodarna again.

I went alone but I met a guy named Fredrik there. We had a long talk about fishing and at around 10:30 pm he went home.

Just before he left I got a herring. I tought that maybe if the herrings are so close to land maybe the big trouts will follow.

I was right.

So at around 11 pm I trew a long cast and Boom! Biggest trout I have gotten ever was hooked. It was the hardest fight yet. The fish instantly started jumping. It was amazing. Atleast 3 jumps and rushes. My rod, I was using my 8 ft Ron Thompson, was bent so much that I started to worry if it would hold.

After the longest fight I got it close to the rock I was standing on. That’s when I saw the fish close, it was dark but damn this fish was big.. Far bigger than the one I got last time.

Now, remember, it was around 11 pm and it had gotten darker fast. I didn’t have my headlamp on yet.

I reached for my ring net.

But.. I had dragged the fish to close to the rocks, it did a massive hit and it got loose from my hook.

I was so disapointed.. I tried to trow more and more for about one more hour.. Nothing. I got my headlamp on and looked at were the fish had gotten loose and there was a big rock there right in line with the water. Felt bad man.

Lesson learned tho.

Other than that it was a very nice evening. Calm sea, no wind, no clouds with stars all over the sky.

It just realy annoys me how close it was.. Well well.. I get it next time..

Here are some photos from today and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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