Sigh, disapointing day..

Hey guys.

So this was a very disapointing day..

As I said I was going fishing at Citadellet Put & Take in Landskrona today.

The day started good, nice sunny morning with cold morning air.

I met my cousin there at around 07:50 as they open at 08:00.

As I said beautiful morning..

The fishing.. not so much.

The water was cloudy and it was very hard to see anything. Normaly you see alot of fish patroling around but today, nothing. There was a brief window where we saw some fish but they were more or less not that interested in our baits.
A friend, kind of the ‘rainbow-master’, came down to give us some tips and talk a little. He lent me his Westin D360 Rainbow Treasure 10 gram.

Very nice bait gotta fix me one of these.

With that I had some followers and even a couple of bites. Nothing stuck tho :/

After he left I went back to fish with my own Westin D360. Mine is only 6 grams tho and it was to small in my opinion bcuz all the fish was swimming down at the bottom due to the water being so warm. Letting that 6 grams sink took forever and it didn’t have the same action in the water as the 10 grams.

Then my cousin switched to his boobies fly and he landed this beauty

Good size fish around 1500grams strong with some nice jumps.

This was going to be the only catch of the day.. 13 hours 2 guys 1 fish..

This was my first time going there without no catch, feels a little bad man.

Other than the fishing being shit I had a nice day hanging out with Big Z and the rainbowmaster 😉

Now I’m going to comfort myself with some candy and just chill.

Hope you have a nice evening and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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