Hey guys how’s it going. So yesterday I was really looking forward to go fishing. I had to wait until the evening and the rain had stopped. Or so I thought. I was alone so I decided to go to a nearby harbor where we often go. Ă…labodarna. When I was drivning there the weather… Read More Stupidity

Lazy days

Hey guys how’s it going. I haven’t gone fishing, for real, now in a while. Been having alot of other stuff to deal with. Today I’ve spent the day with my family. Tomorrow we’re going to a birthdayparty so I’m unsure if I will have time to go fishing after that. Anyways no fishing, no… Read More Lazy days


Hey guys how’s it going. So, today me and my brother had made plans to go fishing early in the morning. Only problem was I sat my alarm on 06:00 instead of 05:00, my brother sat there waiting.. Some times I’m stupid haha.  Anyways we got away a little later than planned. We went to… Read More Sleepyface


Hey guys, Quick update. Been a busy day today, went out fishing with a mate for about an hour. No fish in sight. Going out fishing early tomorrow with my brother so gonna focus on that. I’ll update about that tomorrow, let’s hope the rain will stay away. Anyways I’ll see you guys tomorrow


Forgot to update yesterday.. The day was short anyways. Went out around noon fishing a little at on old spot. Nothing, didn’t have my hopes up since it was sunny etc. Went eating crawfish at my parrents after that. Very clear water. Was nice with some sun. Found myself a friend aswell. Anyways this morning… Read More Ops


Hey guys Today I took a break. Have just been chilling with family. So today I will share another video from the danes over at Danmarks Sportsfiskerbund. This time it’s about fishing for cod. Rly didn’t know about all these ways you can enjoy fishing cod. Hope you’ll enjoy this video, I sure did. Have… Read More Breakday