OLR 2016

Hey guys!

So, today the OLR tobis wobblers was going to hit the store in Sweden. The OLR wobblers are a very nice handmade handpainted lure made in Denmark and sold only once a year. They are made in white metall, designed by Ole Rådhede and painted by Ole Gregersen. OG Paint (same that makes Snurrebassen). Just like Snurrebassen they are an “in-line lure” meaning instead of binding your line on the bait and then a hook on the bait, you bind the line on the hook and then pull the line trough the lure.

Only one store in Sweden gets to sell these lures and there’s a limit of 3 baits per person.

Me and my friend drove to Malmö where they are selling them. They are a little pricy but as they are only sold once a year and handcrafted like this I think it’s fair. (About 18 euro /lure)

And this is what it looks like when rigged

In-line lure, OLR tobis slim 15 grams.

Anyways I’m almost falling asleep here so here are some photos from today, I hope you enjoy and I’ll se you guys tomorrow.

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