Hey guys. Late update just got home.

So, this evening me and my brother wanted to test a new place to fish at. We decided the Lödde å (river) outlet seemed nice. We had never been there but I had gotten some directions from a friend.

So we drove there, the wind was a little to strong, about 12m/s. 

We parked the car and started walking. Little did we know we had parked about 5km to far away. We had to walk a long way around and inside a couple of pastures with cows and stuff. 

After about an hour we got there. It was getting dark allready but we saw alot of activity in the water.

My brother had, what he think was a bass or a small pike, hooked but it got loose.

I had a couple of nibbles but that’s it. Very hard with the strong wind and it was very dark after a while.

We’re going back tomorrow early for a new try. Will be better prepared this time 😛

Here are some photos I took tho. I hope you like it and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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