No fishing today

Hey guys. 

Today was the first day in a long time I didn’t go fishing.

So ofc I don’t have any nice pictures or storys to tell. Instead I’m gonna link you another awesome video by the good danes over at Danmarks Sportfiskeforbund.

This time it’s about Put & Take fishing.

The put & take in my town is a little different from the video you’re about to see. Here in Landskrona it’s only rainbow trout and some times they add seatrout ( atleast they say they do )

Also you’re not allowed to use bombarda in Landskrona bcuz they say that’s angling and angling is forbidden.. You can fish slowly with a flyfishingrod and that’s just as much angling in my opinion.. Well well.

In this video they show different methods to fish at put & take. I enjoy this very much, let’s hope you guys will aswell. 

Tomorrow I will probobly go fishing if the weather improves. Been very rough wind and rain today that’s why I didn’t go today. 

Hope you did enjoy the video and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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