Rapala cd-3

Hey guys.

This morning my cousin wanted to go and try fishing in a river called Råån.

It’s a nice little river just outside of Helsingborg.

The chanses are generally small to catch seatrout in the river but these times the trout travel up the streams for their spawning.

The info I have gotten is a little mixed. Some say the trouts does not feed on their trip for about 6 months. But you can still catch them if u trigger them.

Anyways we got to Råå, parked our cars and walked down to the river. First impression, cloudy waters, a bit to much vegetation, low water and alot of ducks.

The first sign of activity was, what I think was, a shoal of bass nibbling bugs on the surface. As I was to cheap to buy myself some lure for the small riverfishing I went with my smallest lure, an abu garcia lill-öringen 7g.

As I trew my lure over the constant nibbling shoal. They nibbled at it but didn’t take it.

My cousin bought the rapala cd-3, orange with a little yellow and red.

10min later my cousin snagged this beauty

We went on, the weather was changing all the time. From sunny to rain and back again.

Very narrow places are not in my taste.. for me as I keep failing.. I lost my westin dragonfruit 6g, to a tree. Rip

It was s nice trip but no fish combined with the random weather just made it boring.

Anyways here are the photos from today.

Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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