Best fishing night. Ever.

Hey guys!

So, this evening/night was hard to beat..

I went out fishing with my brother. Had a good feeling about tonight and this time I wasn’t wrong 🙂

Good weather, the wind got a little harder after a while, good strong currents towards land tho.

Started the night with testing my new OLR slim tobis, 15g limited 2016.

At first I was a little disapointed about how it behaved in the water. I compared it to my other favourit lure, the Snurrebassen Rød Røv wich has a much more rocky bounce. But I would change my mind…

After having chasers and nibbles I wanted to try just reeling in fast, no stops. It worked, had a couple of chasers again and then the first seatrout was hooked.

It was a nice catch, did one jump and my brother (the net-master) netted it for me quickly. Around 40cm. Catch & release.

After that my brother hooked a bigger one, sadly I was a little slow on the netting and it wasn’t so good hooked so it got loose… Annoying.. but we kept trying. 

Maybe 5min after that my brother had another one on the hook! This time I raced there faster and he managed to land his personal best! Very nice fish.

I was thinking this night was allready so good but we still kept fishing. I had a couple of ones that charged but didn’t bite. Was getting ready to swich lures, didn’t want to stand in the dark fishing with my new lure.

Then.. Boom! Biggest fish I had seen in a long time charged hard and took my lure. It came from under the lure and jumped high taking it. Was awesome. After a short fight my brother (again super fast) netted it for me.

This is now my personal best.

Two personal bests in one night. Hard to beat.

So that’s the best night in a good while, it will be hard to top. Now I’m going to bed. Here are some more pictures from the night. Hope you enjoyed, I know I did 🙂 and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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