The jealousy is real

Hey guys how’s it going.

Today I was thinking I go fishing later at the evening. I ended up watching a movie with the girlfriend instead. All good 🙂

Going tomorrow probobly for a couple of hours.

I was just chilling when my brother sends me a picture.

He was out fishing with his friend who owns a boat.

Badass mackerel!

Almost 1kg mackerel, that’s not bad.

Then he sends me this next picture

About 5 kg of silver!

My instant reaction was daaaamn, jealous as hell. Made my PB look like a baby.

Now I’ll have to snag a 6 kg haha 😉

Well well, congratz to my little brother.

After that they cought 9 more trouts lol, good evening for them!

Anyways I hope you had a nice day guys, tomorrow I’ll hopefully have something to show you. Eitherway good night and I’ll see you guys tomorrow

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