Hey guys how’s it going.

So, today me and my brother had made plans to go fishing early in the morning. Only problem was I sat my alarm on 06:00 instead of 05:00, my brother sat there waiting.. Some times I’m stupid haha. 

Anyways we got away a little later than planned. We went to Barsebäck.

Barsebäck is an area around one of Swedens few nuclear powerplants. It’s no longer used.

Anyways the fishing here was not as expected. To low water paired with alot of rocks and seaweed made it hard to fish. On my first cast I got stuck in a rock and I lost one of my favourit lures.. The Snurrebassen Rød Røv.. RIP.😢

Was a nice morning anyways. 

We later gave up and went to the harbor that’s close by.

Nothing again but just as we were going to leave I spotted a pretty big trout inside the harboorpool. It was unintrested and just swam away.

After that we went to Mårtens Fiske in Helsingborg. My brother bought a new reel and a new rod. Very nice. I got a bombarda and some new flys I will try later tonight maybe.

Anyways that’s all for today. Here is todays photos. Hope you’ll enjoy and I’ll see you guys tomorrow

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