Hey guys how’s it going.

So yesterday I was really looking forward to go fishing. I had to wait until the evening and the rain had stopped. Or so I thought.

I was alone so I decided to go to a nearby harbor where we often go. Ålabodarna.

When I was drivning there the weather seemed good enough. The rain had just stopped and the sun was atleast a little visible trough the clouds.

The second my car stopped I was out of luck. Just as I exit the car the rain started flalling again. Sigh, but I was there so I thought I atleast try a few trows.

My stuff was rigged with my bombarda and black fly on. I can hear the thunder out over the sea. I see some lighteningstrikes but they are kinda far away.

Got out to the shore and trew the first cast. First cast my bombarda tangled with the fly and I had to fix that.. Fun. I fixed it and trew again, nothing. Third trow, nothing… 

And all of a sudden lightening strikes about 3 – 4km from where I’m standing.. The whole sky lights up and the sound is instant. I nearly crap my pants. Gathered my stuff and went back to the car.

The sky had changed in the last 30min from light to complete dark.

Needless to say it was a horrible night.

Been a long time now since I had a good day fishing and on top of that I go back to work tomorrow.. Oh lord.

Anyways probobly no fishing today either since I’m busy more or less the whole last vecationday.

Hope you guys had a good weekend and I’ll see you guys tomorrow

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