Long long day.

Hey guys what’s up.

So, yesterday me, my brother and a friend  went fishing a bit earlier than usual.

We went to Råå as it has proven to be the best place right now.

Very beautiful evening, good wind, sun and the right currents.

So the night started of with my brother hooking and sadly loosing a trout right at the start. Couple of nibbles after that.

I was trying my new The Fat Swed in-line lure. It’s a nice in-line wobbler from a swedish private maker.

Very nice lure overall need to test it more before I say more. My cousin has had alot of catches on this lure, different colours then me, so I know they are working.

I orderd this pink/white one and one more, this time.

After fishing a while I switched to my Olr tobis slim, the lure I got my PB last time on. Had a couple of close chasers and Two realy nice rushers when I more or less saw the backfin comming rushing.

Then I got my only real strike of the night. Instant jump felt like maybe 1,5-2kg big. Felt pretty strong but during one of the jumps it got loose. Annoying but atleast a little fight.

There was one guy there tho who landed a 4kg trout, it was hooked in the back for some reason and the hook had broken during the fight. He still landed it and it was a very nice fish indeed. Very fat.

We gave up around 22:00.

All in all a very nice evening, just without catches haha..

Then the night turned bad when we had to rush my son to the hospital with possible pneumonia.. I haven’t gotten much sleep but all that matters is that my son is ok. Gonna take a nap now. Hope you guys had a better night than me and here’s som photos from yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Long long day.

  1. Hej,
    Hvor kan man købe “The Fat Swed” – gennemløbswobler ?
    Den ser godt ud og ligner en wobler der kan fange havørreder, så den kunne jeg godt tænke mig at teste / købe.
    De bedste hilsner – Benny send f.eks. gerne mail til mig på: bh@edc.dk


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