3 x Trout :)

Hey guys, how’s it going?

This morning the alarm rang 04:30.. Met up with my cousin at Råå.

Still black as night out. Good clear sky, good currents and almost no waves. Very nice morning.

Started of by having alot of nibbles on my pink The Fat Swed. One very nice rush.

Then after maybe 1 hour I got the first trout. Nice fight, about 53cm.

After that I got another one and my cousin hooked a small trout C&R.

I love these early mornings.

Big Z’s small one C&R

Was going to give up when I did my last cast and.. Another trout 🙂

Ofc very happy with the morning. The last fish was a little to small for my taste but I was using a small three-hook size 10 sharp as hell burried 2 of the hooks deep and didn’t get then out in time. Still as long as they are longer than 50cm it’s ok.

Here’s some more photos from today, hope you enjoy and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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