Calm but empty sea

Hey guys how’s it going.

So been a couple of days without updates I know. But there hasnt been any time for fishing for a while now.

Went out with my brother in law’s boat today. Very beautiful evening. Barely any waves very calm sea. Saw one of the places I fish at from another angle.

We tried to fish for seatrout, but the sonar wasn’t working so we had to improvise. Saw a couple of trouts but no bites. We also didn’t have the right equipment for this but it was still fun.

After a while we tried some fishing at deeper levels but also there it felt empty.. I catched the only two fishes, one herring and one saithe. No point keeping that.

All in all it was a very beautiful evening. It had been better with some fish tho 😉

Anyways here’s some picture from tonight and I’ll see you guys next time.

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