Season start, updates resumed!

Hey guys, been a long time!

So, season 2017 started yesterday. I was ment to go fishing yesterday but the weather was kinda bad so I skipped it for today.

My friend Uffe gave me a brand new lure to use on the first trip. I was very excited about using this new in-line-lure.

OGP Silling 22g – Arvid Dahl Special. 100% handmade in Denmark.

It can be fished very slowly wich is good during the cold times.img_3590

Went to Ålabodarna around 11:00. Met up with my little brother and his girlfriend.

By the time I got there my brothers girlfriend had gotten her first seatrout!

Nice looking fish, around 50cm long. Catch & released. Congratz 🙂


After that followed cold winds vs. face. Horribly cold wind so we changed location to avoid most of it.

After a while at the new location I had a group of around 3 trouts following my lure all the way in.

They nibbled at the lure all of them, sadly none of them stuck.

One more throw and there it was, this years first seatrout 🙂

Happy with that, small silver just a quick catch and release.


All good, two or three trows later I had another school of seatrouts chasing my lure.

It was about 5-6 of them in the group. This time I just let my lure sink (it sinks very slow in a rotation fashion) I could see how the trouts attacked the lure, all of them. I timed a trust and on of them stuck.

It was a little bigger than the first one but still to small to keep. Very cool to see when it took the bite.

After a while I felt it was time for the Old reliable, Snurrebassen Rødröv.


Sadly the Red-Ass didn’t deliver today but the season is still young!


Anyways that’s it for this first update of the year. I hope you guys will stick around for the rest of the season and I will try my hardest to update every day. Maybe a bit less now when the weather in Sweden becomes more cold for some reason.

Tomorrow I will update about how I rig my stuff with these in-line lures.

Here are a couple of more photos from today and I’ll hope I see you guys tomorrow!



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