A little trip

Hey guys how’s it going.

Yesterday there was finally time for some fishing.. My cousin picked me up around 10am and we went fishing at a new place for us.

I mean I’ve been there before but not my cousin, but I haven’t been using my waders there.

Went out with pretty high expectations for some reason, some might call it feeling 😉

Anyways the weather was very mild in the start. Hardly any wind and calm water.


Didn’t take that long until my cousin had his first catch of the year.

Not a big one, but a catch is a catch, nice silver on it.


The fish was catched and released nice and easy, very easy to C&R when standing out in the water compared to when standing on the beach.

The lure he caught it on was a swedish handmade “The Fat Swed” pink/white.

After that it took a while before next set of action. This time it was me but sadly both times I lost the fish.

I was using my new lure. Snurrebassen no.2 – 14g  Arvid Dahl Special. Same color as my Silling.


After about 3 lost fishes we went back to the car to eat and change some rigs.

Zandro (my cousin) changed to bombarda (rig used to fish with a fly with a spinning rod)

I changed to the lure I used on the first trip this year, the silling.


This time I was a bit more lucky, got a small fish pretty fast after we started fishing again.


img_8388Catch & Release ofc when they are so small.

That’s it for yesterday, Zandro had a couple of bites after that but no more catches.

Was a nice morning anyways, allways fun.

All the photos today was taken by Zandro. Very nice if u ask me.

Here are some more photos he took and I hope you guys enjoy.

I see you guys next time.


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