Fishing in the waves

Hey guys how’s it going.

Been a while now since last catch. Been out a couple of times but nothing. Blaming the cold water. 

Today I went fishing, like I almost always do since I’m always free on mondays.

Both brothers were busy working so went at it alone.

When I reached my destination I got second thoughts tho, strong wind and big waves. But I figured I’d just fish for an hour or so.

Went atleast 2 hours before I got the first nibble. Alot of seaweed in the water made it very hard to fish. Was about to give up when I got the first real contact. Very short fight, the fish jumped out of a wave before ubhooking itself.. sadface.

Pressed on, two-three trows after I hooked a small fish around 45cm. Quick catch & release. After that I got another one that also unhooked itself. Probobly a school of seatrouts cuz all the action happned the same 30min.

After that my hands were to cold so I gave up..

Where’s the pictures you ask?

Well, sadly I use my iphone 6s to take my pictures.. and apparently it can’t handle being cold unless the battery is about 100%. Got some pictures and a video right as I got there but 10min later the phone was dead… sadface.

Here’s the video and the pictures I managed to take before phone died.

Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you guys next time.

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