Cold, rain & no fish

Hey guys how’s it going.

Today I went out with big bro for a couple of hours. Went to the same place I was at last time. The weather was much better and we both had a good feeling about todays fishing.

When we arriver I saw there were allready a fisherman there. It turned out to be our friend Stefan. 

Stefan had allready gotten a fish when we arrived, catch & release. 

After a while in the water it started to rain and the wind was getting stronger.

The rain and wind combination killed our feeling and our hands.. gave up after about 2-3 hours. Nothing today, not even a nibble or sight of fish.. And on top of that I lost my lure I’ve been taking all my fish this year on.. my sillingen.. well well that’s it some times with this hobby.

I didn’t get any pictures worth sharing with you even.. 

Zandro took this one

Anyways when we got home it had allready started to snow again… so much for the milder weather.. let’s hope it dosn’t last to long.

That’s it for today hope you guys had a better day and I’ll see you guys next time!

RIP sillingen 😥

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