Things are looking better

Hey guys how’s it going.

So, been a long time again sorry about that.. Been busy with work and stuff but I’ve been out a couple of times since last update.

Quick trips that haven’t landed me any fish since last update.. even went on a mini-trip to Malmö with my cousin.. 

we didn’t get any fish there tho. Went back to Landskrona again after maybe 1-2 hours and then my cousin landed a fish.

Anywyas there has been some trips I didn’t post about bcuz it was simply awful fishing.

Yesterday tho, me and my brother went fishing later than I usually go. Around 16:00. We’ve only been there for about 10min when my brother landed his first fish. 

Shortly after that he landed his second one.. and then another one got hooked but got loose about 1m from him.. me on the other hand didn’t have any luck.. I was using a bombarda to fish with a fly. I was using a pink pattegrisen shrimp.

But after my brothers third fish I changed methods to my old reliable Snurrebassen Rødrøven. Only took 5min for my first catch.

Trout on about 50cm. Quick catch & release.
After that I got one more. Same size maybe a tad longer. I kept that fish.

More friends have reported good catches these couple of days so it seems like stuff is happening now. Let’s hope… and I will also start updating the blog more often..

Here are a couple of photos taken since last update. Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you guys next time.

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