Nice evening.

Hey guys how’s it going.

So yesterday was a very nice day.

After work I met up with my brother (Daniel) and cousin(Zandro) who was out fishing. I had prepared a rig with my green OLR slim tobis. Since it was very nice spring weather.

Didn’t take long before I got my first fish. Follower on the first cast and catch on the second. Around 50cm long, pretty green colour.

Catch & release.

Pretty much while I was unhooking my fish my cousin got his first aswell. It was during the golden hour It would seem.

He caught it on his new 3D lure, very nice brand new lure he had orderd. Gotta get me one of those.

Only took a couple of casts after that before my brother got his first aswell.

Catch & release. Around the same size.

It’s a very nice moment when all 3 of us had gotten one each. 

The weather was perfect. Almost no wind, sunny and clear waters. I was fishing in my waders and T-shirt only 😋 almost summerfeelings.

After that I caught another fish, Zandro caught it on video.

This fish was stronger. It did a couple of jumps but it was also around the same size.

After that It would seem the golden hour had passed. We didn’t catch anymore fish but it was still an awesome evening. 

I had forgotten my phone so all photos are taken by Zandro. Very nice pictures might I add.

Here are a couple more photos he took yesterday. I hope you guys enjoy, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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