Personal best.

Hey guys how’s it going.
So yesterday I went fishing with my brother at around 18:30. We wanted to try a little later in the evening since friends of mine has had good fishing during those hours.
Anyways when we got out we saw there was allready somebody out there fishing. On closer inspection it wad my friend Uffe. He had not seen any fish since he got out and he’d been there for an hour.

It was a little windy when we got out, annoying waves but atleast it was sunny.

I was trying out my brand new lure for the first time. Savage gear 3D sandeel.

Started fast but no fish in sight. Then 10min later I felt a big thump in the lure. Then a strike. Strong fish. Longer fight then my last fish, wich also was a personal best.

The fish went on a couple of nice runs when it came close to me. Very strong just pulling out line but after about 5-10min we got it in the landingnet.

The fish was in much better kondition than my last pb. But I have said the next fish I keep will be a all-silver rugbyballshaped torpedo. So this was catch & release after my brother snapped a couple of photos of it.


Background edited by request.
Background edited by request.

Was hard to measure it in the landingnet but it was either 74 or 75cm. Couple of centimeters longer than my last personal best and alot better shape.

Hope to see it again when it’s gotten to eat up.
That’s it for today/yesterday I leave you with the catch & release video. Hope you enjoyed and If you did, feel free to sub/follow/like on my new youtube.

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