Put & take trip with friends.

Hey guys how’s it going.


So, yesterday me and a couple of friends went on a little fishing trip together.

We went to a place outside of Lund, called Rögle Dammar.

It’s a nice little put and take place with 5 lakes. The two first lakes got trouts in them and the other 3 lakes has pike, perch and other wild fish.

Our little group focused mostly on the troutlakes.

Took about 10min before my brother got the first fish of the day. Nice fat rainbow.

It was a very nice day with alot of fishing, talking and BBQ’ing. Everybody in our group got fish, that’s pretty good. There were alot of ppl that didn’t get anything at all.

I have made a little video for you guys with clips from yesterday.

Hope you’ll enjoy and if you did feel free to sub / like on my youtube channel!

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