Sea trout, garfish & cod

Hey guys how’s it going.

Today I went out with my brother to do some wading at our favourite spot.

Took 2 casts for the first garfish.

Think all in all I got 13 of them, was hoping for them to not be that active that late in the evening. I was wrong. 

Middle of the garfishvaganza a much harder strike. First trout of the night.

Both me and my brother thought i shimmered in red in it’s spots but it dosnt show on the pictures or video. Wierd.

After that my brother hooked one aswell, small one just a quick release.

Didn’t bother to take pictures of the garfishes, they are just annoying.

The sun was setting so we began going back but suddently the wind just died and it became very nice even tho it wad dark.

Last catch of the night was my brothers very very small cod haha. 

All and all a very nice evening.

Here are a couple of photos from tonight

Lastly I wanna share the video of me releasing my trout. Hope you enjoyed this update and I’ll see you guys next time!

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