1,50 Fulton

Hey guys how’s it going?

So been out a couple of times since last update. Nothing special realy, some small catches here and there but nothing worth mentioning.

We’ve pretty much given up on wading now. The sea here in Sweden has just been to warm, up to 20° (68°F) so pointless almost.

Anyways, yesterday I went out with my brother to a spot we haven’t fished in a long time. The goal was to reach a little deeper colder water.

My brother got I think 3 small cods (the new cod-king). #Koddkungen

First strike of the evening for me, 1 cast.. 2 garfishes on the same go haha. I’m sorry but by now I hate those stupid garfishes. They strike on everything you trow at them just annoying..​​

Tho, catching 2 fish with 1 cast is kinda fun 🙂

After that I swished lures a couple of times. 

I began trying to reach as far as I could, reaching out to the deep.

After a couple of trows, boom, big fish. I call for my brother to come help. At first we didn’t know what it was, but it was very very strong. Strongest I have ever drilled. It did a couple of very strong rushes straight out and down. After a medium long fight my brother managed to land it in the landingnet. Cudos to him for yet another nice landing. 

This is my personal best now, it’s shorter and a little bit lighter than I have gotten before but in much, much better condition. Nice fat and with a fulton on 1,50. Pure silver I still have scales everywhere from it.

After that it quickly got to dark and late so we ended it there. 

So, a very nice start for me on the summerfishing. Let’s hope it continues like this!

Here’s a couple of photos from the evening

I hope you enjoyed this update and I see you guys next time!

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