Hey guys how’s it going. Been a long time I know.. but, haven’t felt the need to update with the bad fishing I’ve had these past weeks.

I’ve been out working on my casting for flyfishing. It’s hard but I’m getting there.

Since last update I’ve gotten myself a new Vision flyfishing rod. This one is a #6.

Today I was out trying my luck in the evening. The sea was very calm. Almost no wind.

Saw alot of bigger seatrout going along the shore. Not intresred in my fly tho.

One of the trouts stayed infront of me for a long time. I tried to bait it and it was going for the fly 2 times before going away.

When the sun went down the little wind there was died out. The sea was totaly flat reflecting the sky like a mirror.

Then suddently I got my first fish with my flysfishing gear. A cod around 30cm. Very nice feeling hooking fish on fly.

Soon after that my second and soon after that my third.

3 cods on fly. Was fun even tho it wasn’t trout.

C&R on all of them.

All of them hooked on one of my homemade flies. A red fly with gold eyes.

Was my first time out alone in a long time. It was fun but i prefer company 😛

Anyways that’s it for this update. Let’s hope the weather starts improving soon.

Until next time guys, live well.

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