First rainbow on fly

Hey guys how’s it going.
Once again, the updating of the blog been slow, just like the fishing..

For the moment I’m giving up on the sea.
The summer has been rly bad for me.
Been out many times and nothing more than cod.
The only upside is I’ve gotten alot of time practicing my flyfishing.

The other day I went to citadellet here in Landskrona to try flyfishing there for the first time. And the fishing there was once again slow.. atleast 5 other fishermen went home emptyhanded after a couple of hours.

First contact for me happened to me after maybe 1 hour of fishing.
I had just swiched into a white/green Fritz fly I made the day before.

Casted with it one time, saw two fishes going for it. One of them took it and I lifted my rod. The fish just swam on with the fly sill in the side ifs mouth.
Probobly I’d either made a misstake with the knot or a dent in the line.
Saw the fish swim pass me about and hour later with the fly still in it’s mouth.

Then maybe 2 hours of nothing.
Tested out almost every fly I’ve made.
Then I went with the fly I’d gotten almost all the cods on.

This one.
Saw two fish came swimming past me.
Trew the fly just ahead of them.
One of them took it instantly.

The fight.
Well. All I’ve read about the difference between spinnfishing and flyfishing has led me to believe the fight should be so much better on fly.
Bur tbh I think I had way to high hopes for it.
It wasn’t that much of a difference.

Granted the weather was sunny and warm but the fight was not that special to me. Felt almost the same as using a smaller spinnrod.

After a couple of minutes I easly landed the fish in my landingnet.

The most satisfying feeling with the catch was that It was my first trout flyfishing and most importantly on my homemade fly.

After that followed with some chasers and one fish that managed to not stick when it attacked this pink/white baitfish.

After some more hours without fish I gave up.

Later that night I tied 6 more Fritz in the same colour that the fish took on first cast.

All set for next put and take.

Well that’s it for this time friends.
Hope the fishing is better for you than it is for me atm..

Thanks for readig and I’ll see you guys next time.

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