Bad fishing

Hey guys how’s it going

Been a long time now, I know.

Just haven’t felt the need to update about this bad fishing I’ve been experiencing..

Been out to Rögle dammar the other week only to have all 3 of us score 0.

I got a small perch on a fly but that’s it.

Generally the fishing is so bad atm (not only for me, my brothers feels the same) that I’m almost giving up for the season.

But then again I can’t do that.

The season is almost over so just aswell keep going and then focus on my flytying.

Since I started tying flies I think I’ve made about 150-200 haha. Not all of them good and alot of them I’ve given away / lost somehow.

What’s annoying is how fast the material is used up haha.

Since last update I’ve fixed some new gear for flyfishing aswell.

This is the latest one, a RODwalker Makarora reel. Made from aluminum to make it saltwater resistent.

The line I have on is a Guideline Fario #7 line.

Very happy with the reel/line so far.

Anyways guys Let’s hope you have better fishing than I had this month… I doubt it could be worse.

I’ll make sure to update a bit sooner next time 🙂

See you then, live well.

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