Season over

Hey guys how you doing.

Been a long time again, I know.

Simply put, this season has been my worst. I’ve been fishing less than previous seasons and I’ve been catching less fish than normal.

Alot of ppl have told me It’s been a good season. I can’t agree. There have been times this season when I’ve felt like just giving up, but I won’t.

The season started very good and ended very bad. Seems like my fishingspots are good at the start of the year and bad in the later months.

I’m happy about my flyfishing tho, I feel all my practice is paying of. Maybe not so much in catches but in numbers of problems I get when flyfishing.

In the begining I often got problems with the line and stuff but now with my new gear and the practise I hardly have any problems with it.

Gotten a couple of rainbowtrouts and one wild seatrout on fly so far. Would have loved to catch one more wild trouts but I have better hope for next year/season.

Also happy with my flymaking, might start to sell some flys next year, we’ll see.

Tomorrow I will go fishing with my brother. Will update then 🙂

Hope you had a better season than me and I see you guys next time.

Until then,

Live well

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