Rainbow in the hood.

Hey guys how’s it going.

Like I said in the previous post I was going to our local put & take, yesterday was the day.

Gray skies and slow winds. Perfect but still very slow fishing. We soon started to wonder whether or not they’ve added fish in a while. Normaly you see lots of fish in this put and take, thanks to it being saltwater and very clear, but nothing yesterday.

After a while without any fish I switched to my castingrod and the good old westin D360 Rainbow Treasure 6g inlinelure.

Took maybe 5min until the first strike. Sadly It didn’t stick. About 5min later I had my first fish of the day.

Nice fat one. Lots of power did atleast 3-4 big jumps. Been a long time since I got a fish on casting/spinn rod. Was nice.

My brother on the other hand was very unlucky yesterday. Maybe 1 contact the entire time we were there.

That’s fishing I guess.

I didn’t manage to catch any fish on either of my flyrods tho. But it felt like every time I switched to the rainbow treasure I had contact.

I caught 2 rainbows and lost 2 that managed to get loose.

About 1.5kg each.

Next time we are going to some other place. Didn’t feel good yesterday even with 2 catches. Alot of people that day aswell.

Anyways guys that’s it for this update. Hope you guys enjoyed this and I see you guys next time.

Until then, live well

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