Last trip 2017

Hey guys how’s it going?

Yesterday me and my brother went, once again, to our local put & take here in Landskrona.

I know I said that “next time will be somewhere else”. But to be honest it’s so cold outside that I don’t want to drive far away, concidering the cold weather and traffic. We also didn’t have the whole day as we usually do so it was easier to just take the 2min drive to this put & take.

Anyways the weather yesterday was actually not that bad. Saw the sun for the first time this week! 🙄

The fishing was also actually not that bad yesterday either. Five fishes caught in total.

Funny thing, I brought 3 rods with me. Spinningrod with my old favorite Westin Rainbow treasure.And two flyfishingrods, one with a sinking line used with boobiefly and one with floating line.

Got 1 fish each on every setup 😛

First cast of the day was with the Rainbow Treasure and I got fish on that first cast #feelsgoodman

My brother got 2 fishes aswell so was a good day.

Met Stefan and Uffe there aswell, saw them from a distance but didn’t see it was them. They were the only other fishermen we saw there yesterday and they aswell got 3 fishes each.

All the fish we fought yesterday was very strong and gave good fights. Might be cuz of the cold water.

One of my fishes I fought broke free and took my fly with it. Sucks but it’s good to know the style of fly worked, it was this flySwitched to a shock-pink fly with golden head right after and hooked another fish. Third of the day.

Sadly my phone (which I use to take photos/video) can’t handle the cold. It died soon after we arrived. But my brother got some pictures and a video I will use for a future montage.

All in all a good day, can’t complain too much 😛

Anyways I’m pretty sure this was the last trip for me this year. So unless there’s something exciting happening I will probobly not update until next year!

I wish you happy holidays and thank you guys for following me this year. ❤️

Live well!

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