2018 – New stuff & season start!

Hey guys and welcome back to a brand new season! (how’s it going?)

Where to start? The end of the last year/season was pretty bitter.. mostly put & take fishing in the end there.

Been a long wait but finally the 2018 season is here. As the last seasons I went out today even if the weather was total bullshit.. Southwest winds are, in my opinion, the worst since I live on the west coast. Went with my brother to the same place last season start.

Didn’t get any fish tho, we only fished for about 15-20min tops. The wind combined with the rain just made it unbearable to stay out. Never mind that since we’re going out tomorrow again. Hopefully the weather is better then.

Enough with todays fail. I have other stuff to tell you.

I got some new stuff for christmas from my family wich will make updating the site a little more fun.


Got this one for some easier/more fun videomaking while fishing. Most of the video/photos you see here normaly are taken by phones and it’s always annoying having to use your phone for pictures, specially while wading.

I’ve allready tried it out and made some testvideos with it.

Also got both a head and chest strap for it. Going to test out both angles and see what you guys like the most. You can find the testvideos on my youtube. And while you’re at it just press that red subscribe button 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy the new videos I will start putting out.

Today I brought the gopro with me just to shoot some testing. Went ok. It dosn’t seem to notice the rain too much tho. Here’s the video from today. Quickly edited.

In that video I used the headstrap for the gopro. I’m not 100% happy with the angle.


Tomorrow I will use my new waders and boots I bought a while ago. Let’s hope I don’t freeze to death…

Allright I think that was it for this first post of the year. Hope you’ll stick with me for another season! And I’ll see you guys next time.

Until then, live well!


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