Hey guys how’s it going?

Been a long time since I updated this site. This is due to my rod being broken and me being lazy 😛

As I said my rod broke in the tip last trip I took to the sea. I’ve been looking around the internet for the replacement and I think I’ve finally found one.

Since last time I’ve been borrowing one of my brothers rods and I’ve been fishing some put & take.

First trip was to Björkadammen. It was our first visit. I got a nice sized rainbow but the fishing was really bad. We fished for almost 7h for 1 fish. I think they haven’t add much fish there lately. Will not return, was very nice otherwise.

The second trip was to our local put & take here in Landskrona. Again the fishing was really slow. All the fish that came up was on boobieflies. I got a nice size one again.

The weather in Sweden at the moment is really good tho, much sun and warm weather but it makes the fishing bad. My friends all report about how much garrfish there is at the coast atm and I really don’t like that.

Just haven’t feeled the need to fish when the reports say garrfish-mania at the coast.

Anyways I’ve uploaded some videos since last update on my youtubechannel.

Hope you enjoy the videos, as allways I will try and update more often but this weather is not that good for fishing, even if it’s beatiful weather.

Until next time guys, live well.


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