Unlucky summer

Hey guys how’s it going

This weather we are having in Sweden is better than in a long time.

That’s nice.. but not for the fishing! Atleast not for me.. For my brothers it’s better it seems.

Alot of stuff to catch you up about. Among other things I’ve bought a new flyrod and been testing it out a little.. sadly the water is too warm for put&take and you rly need to find the good spots out at sea.

I even managed to strike out at fishing cod the other day. Went out with my brother-in-law’s boat and didn’t manage to catch any fish haha.

Well well. That’s fishing. I guess.

I’ve been focusing on preparing for the colder weather by tying alot of flies.


My brothers have had good fishing tho. They’ve been out fishing deeper for both cod, mackerel and sea trout.

My little brother had a nice day out with boat catching alot of cod


Big Z had some nice fishing aswell, managing to snag a very nice summer sea trout!


congratz to you guys! 😛


Well, for my own sake I’m looking forward to when the weather cools down haha but until then I’ll just enjoy this nice weather doing other stuff with the familiy 🙂

Will update when I start having some better fishing again.

Until then guys, live well.



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