And so it begins, again.

Hey guys how’s it going?

First of let me wish u a happy new year and welcome back to Swedish Angler.

Swedish Angler has been taking a small break while waiting for the new season to begin. Yesterday it was time! Once again we were going out trying to find that silver.

But ofcourse. There had to be a storm comming. With winds up to 30m/s…

I pretty much wanted to just skip it this time but finally we ended up going anyways.


This is what 30 meters /sec winds looks like by the sea. Luckily the sun was out most of the time.IMG_1028

This season has good promise to it. My big bro Zandro has begun his journey to become the next big luremaker! I will do a full post of his lures in the comming days but here’s a sneakpeak of his handcrafted, fully homemade in-line lures, enjoy.


We were suppose to test this 3.0 product out yesterday but as u can tell the weather and 3 meter waves renderd it impossible. As I said I will do a full post about the BigZi in the comming days.

I’ve also tied alot of flies lately, in waiting for the season, here are a couple of ties.

Lets hope the weather clears up soon so we can go catch that first fish of the season.

In normal fashion I did bring my camera out yesterday, even if the weather was impossible to fish I still got a small video for you guys. Sort of a preview of comming season. The waves made a pretty show in my opinion, hope you’ll enjoy.

(spoiler; no catch was made)

Again happy new year and thanks for following me into 2019.



2 thoughts on “And so it begins, again.

  1. Awesome preview-Movie bro!
    I feel I just wanna run down to the sea and do a thousand throws right now!
    Catch that 9kg seatrout we’ve been Talking about for 3 years!
    Let’s make 2019 a year to be remembered for us to tell about to our forthcoming grandchildren!
    Love from Kuya Z

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