First catch of the season

Hey guys how’s it going?

Update since last time. I went out on my birthday, as I usually do, the 4th of january.

The weather was cold but sunny, a bit to much wind in the start of the morning but it was all good. Finally it was time to test out Big Z’s homecrafted in-line lure BigZi!

I went to Ålabodarna wich is right outside Landskrona. There’s a beach there where I’ve been many times before (but usually not catching anything) this time was different.

It was my first “real” trip since the trip we took the 1th of january was stormy and really impossible to fish in.

As I said it was time to test out if BigZi will deliever or not, I had high hopes!


The lure is an in-line lure, about 23g. It moves very nice in the water slapping its tale back and forth like a real coastal wobbler should PLUS that it rotates around as u pull it. The closest I can compare it to is the OLR tobis or Savage gear 3D sandeel, but bigger.

First cast I felt it was easy to trow, trew it a long way and on the second cast I had allready had nibbles and a follower all the way up to my feet.

I knew from that start that It would be a nice day, I was right.


I moved up a little more north and casted about two casts before catching my first sea trout of the season, and the first fish on BigZi! 🙂 Happyface. It was a small fish and it never left the water, it swam back to grow bigger for next time.

After that the weather improved a little the wind died out and I got some more sun, the water was clear and I tried fishing some fly.

Nothing on fly sadly this time but I’ll get it next time.

Tried fishing a bit more with BigZi but I felt I wanted to try out my old Silling. This silling I got from Uffe the Seatroat master, it’s a special Silling with Rødrøv pattern, white with red ass. It’s almost like fishing a spinner as it spinns around itself so fast.

Casted about 3-4 times with this until I got my second fish of the day. Again a small fish but that didn’t matter much to me.

I changed position one last time and by then the wind had almost died out completely.


Sat for a while just enjoying the view before “giving up” and called it a day.

A very nice day I must add. Had I gotten fish on fly aswell it would’ve been the perfect first trip of a season.

Anyhow more news about BigZi. Zandro was kind enough to make me one, specialy made for my birthday, in the colours I had wished for. Check this out. ❤


I will catch a the first “big” one this seaon on this one, I can feel it. Nom nom nom…

Anyways I think that’s all for this update, I made a video from my trip I will link it here for you. If u feel like helping out feel free to press that thumbs up and maybe subscribe to my youtube, it would mean alot.

Hope you’ll enjoyed this update and I see you guys next time.

Until then. Big love.

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