Lurez by PINOY

Hey guys how’s it going?

Been a long time since I updated here, I just haven’t felt I had much to share, also been hella lazy.. anyways, I will try and improve on that.

Since my last update not much fishing has been going on in my life.

I’ve been out on a couple of small trips but haven’t rly felt like fishing as much and I have focused my time on work and family.

Lurez by PINOY

Anyways enough about that. Since last update alot has happned with my big brothers homecrafted lures! They look better and better by the day and he has finally opened up for anybody to order from him!

The lures are in-line lures coastal wobblers suitable for sea trout or any trout rly. Me and both brothers have allready caught fish on the lures soo we know all of the versions work. My first fish this season, my first fish over 50cm AND the fish I caught yesterday were all on the lure called Stor’Tobeezen. We’ve also gotten garrfish on the lures.


Where can I get one?!

If u like to fish for sea trout then I think you should be checking these lures out!

You can get your custom painted, handcrafted lure (in the colours you want) just by ordering by the maker himself, Zandro. Follow the link below for more info and info on how to order:

ZMP Lurez by PINOY

If you want to know more about in-line lures and how to set it up I got a small guide here on my site, you can find it here

Finally thanks for reading even tho I’ve been slacking on the updates, I will try to better myself 🙂

Have a nice day and see you all next time, big love.


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