Summer is coming

Hello there guys! How’s it going?

Quick update from a swedish soon-to-be summer, mixed hot weather with rainy days.

Been out fishing with my son on his first trip with his own rod 😛

He thought it was a little bit tricky but he liked it hehe, we were gonna try his stuff out and ofc on the first cast we had fish on.. Since there’s mostly garrfish around the swedish coast now we were expecting it to be just that.. but it was a sea trout haha. Lucky first cast I guess.

I’ve also been out a little with my big bro, Mr. ZMP Lurez by PINOY himself, testing out my brand new Stor’Tobeezen he’d made for me. And ofc I got sea trout on it 😉 as expected haha


Been out trying some new flies I’ve tied aswell, only gotten garrfish on them these days but then again, a catch is a catch. I take it as a win 😛

Ordered home some new stuff to finally try and make some tube flies, maybe to fish for some salmon finally!

Here’s a few of the first ones I made plus some “normal” flies for sea trout


We’ll see when we finally get our thumbs out of our a**es and go plan a day of salmon fishing.

Anyways guys this is it for this update. I hope you’ll have a nice summer and I will try and update now and then what’s going on in my life 🙂

So until next time, live well ❤

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