Silver in the evening

Hey guys, how’s it going? 🙂

Just came home from a spontaneous fishingevening with my lil’ bro.

We were first going to a place I usually go when on short notice but there was some kind of party close-by and alot of ppl around. So instead we went to the same place we went last trip. The good place 😉

Started out slow with pretty strong winds, but I kept my hope up. I was fishing with my black/blue/white Stor’Tobeezen from ZMP lurez by PINOY.

After a while I changed into my full silver ST and two casts later..IMG_4278

This silver bullet took the lure far out and it took a good while to get it in, It did about 3 big rushes where it made my reel scream.

This is the first fish that I take with me home this year, all my other catches have been catch and release.

Felt good finally getting a high quality strong fish like this after a very slow summer so far.

I just want to give some extra cred to both my bros for the moral support they supply, thanks boys 🙂

Also I know I’ve said it before but I will say it again, click THIS LINK and join that group.

Order the special offer he has on right now. 5 custom made, hand painted (in the colour of your own choise) in-line lures, all for 400 SEK. This offer is limited so do it now.

If you are unsure how to rig an in-line lure you can check the little guide I got here on my site. Click here for that guide.

Anyways guys, this was it for this update, hope you’re having a nice weekend and I’ll see you guys next time.

Until then, ❤


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