King of Salmons

Hey guys, how’s it going?

The slacking has been great I know. I’ve actually taken a small break from all fishing for couple of weeks, just haven’t felt it and havn’t realy had much time over for it. Plus the weather in Sweden has been windy and the few times I’ve gotten out I’ve just gave up soon after due to either alot of floating stuff in the water or just bad feelings.

Anyways I’ve got some nice news to update about today, it’s from my big bro Zandro, also called the king of salmons after his awesome trip he took to Lagan, Laholm.

Long story short big Z had taken alot of trips before to Lagan, in hopes to fulfil his dream of catching a wild atlantic salmon. Many trips that had ended in frustration and no fish.

I’ve been up there with him once and we saw alot of big salmons jumping around taunting us without taking our lures…

But last friday the big wait was over…


Finally a catch from Lagan! It was Zandro’s second Salmon but the first one when he actually targeted salmon. A sexy beast on about 4.4 kg at around 80 cm.

Needless to say it was a happy moment!


Zandro and our friends DW and Curse went on and kept fishing for a while until they decided to change spot.

After a while fishing the new spot this happened..


Second salmon of the day for Big Z! Another fine beast at almost the same size! Talk about lucky day (Friday the 13th btw) haha..

I don’t remember if it was Curse or DW that had salmon hooked aswell but it slipped of the hook, bummer.. But atleast Zandro saved the day by catching two of these beautiful salmons. Both wild.

Now I gotta brag a little about my own stuff haha. In the last update of mine I talked a little about the tube flies I was learning to make. Well guess what Zandro used to catch his first salmon in Lagan? 😉

image5 (1)

I didn’t have a name for this fly when I made it but Zandro likes to call it the Winning Fly 😛 I will have to agree when this fly helped end his long hunt for the first Salmon from Lagan! If you wish to ask Zandro anything about how to catch salmon or anything else make sure you go to his facebookpage and press join group!


About my own fishing, I will probobly try to get the time and go on some kind of put & take fishing soon, been to long since I’ve just gotten away a super early morning with some friends just fishing. I miss it.

If and when I do I will make sure to take my camera with me so I can upload a new video for you guys on my youtube.

Anyways guys this was it for this update, if you want to check out more about Lagan you can do so at this link:

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