Hey friends, I’m back 🙂

Since the seatrout season is over for this year there hasn’t been much fishing going on for me.

Last post I said that we’ll maybe going on one more trip this year, but we weren’t sure if it would be to Denmark or some put & take water.

After some talking about it we decided to go to Harasjömåla in Olofström, Blekinge.

I hadn’t been there before but 2 of the other dudes had been fishing there a couple of times so they knew their way around.

We went up around 04:00 in the morning to be able to be there at dawn, it’s about 1,5 hour drive.

When we got there the fog was still in the air, in the middle of the woods and the lake we have choose layed still as a mirror. It was beautiful. The silence up there in the woods is unreal when u are use to the sounds inside the city.


After trying the first lake for about 2 hours we gave up after none of us had any luck.

We went to one of the lakes wich was Flyfishing only. We were all up to a slow start until Big Z blew the zero and caught a nice rainbow, caught on a pink fly I made for him a while back 🙂


Very nice fish! After that Big Z went to another spot and after about 2 seconds he caught one more fish. Making it look very easy.. haha well done.

After the first fish it seemed like it had loosen up a little and a couple of minutes later it was my turn. I was fishing with my small #4/5 rod and I hooked onto a pretty decent big fish, strong as hell. Made it hard to get it up with the small classed rod but after a while it gave up and I could safely land it in the net. 3 Fish down.


After that lil’D caught his first fish aswell, also a very nice sized rainbow. Him and Zandro would go on and catch 3 raimnows each and with mine that was 7 rainbows total this day. Daniel W sadly only got a missed nibble this day but his time will come aswell.

All and all it was a very nice trip, we grilled some food and talked alot of shit.

I made a little video from our trip that you can find here and on my youtube.

You can find my youtube HERE. Feel free to subscribe to my channel it would mean alot to me 🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy this little update and I will post again if I end up going on my trips this year. The new season begins 1 january next year and ofc I will go fishing again 🙂

Until next time guys, live well ❤


All photos by: Zandro ZMP – Big Z

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